Give your home a rustic touch using just a rope

If we talk about decoration, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Many objects of everyday life, whose presence we would never imagine in a decorative element, can be used for these purposes.

For example, it is possible to give a rustic touch to your home using only a rope.

How to give a rustic touch to the house using only a rope?

1. Make a rustic lamp with a rope

This beautiful option to illuminate the spaces is as attractive as it is simple. To do this, you must have a thin rope of considerable length, that is, approximately 2.5 meters, a piñata, tail and a socket.

To develop it, first, inflate the piñata and draw the outline of the socket on a part of it. Then, cover it with a tail and glue the rope around it in a disorderly manner. Once you have obtained the shape you want, go back to glue over the rope.

Afterward, you should let the tail dry so that the lamp definitely takes shape. Finally, burst the piñata and insert the socket. This will be connected with an extender and a cover tube to the ceiling.

2. Rope tablecloth

This can be done with only a medium-thick rope. The idea is to use it to make beautiful tablecloths for the dining room or the garden.

In addition, the process is very simple. First, place hot silicone on the outer side of the rope. Meanwhile, go forming a snail-shaped circle with her.

If you make it smaller, you can create a beautiful and useful coaster.

3. Decorate the pots with rope

Depending on the size of the pot you want to decorate, you must choose the appropriate rope thickness. Usually, the most recommended is thin. Especially since it gives a more delicate look to the final piece.

The process is very simple. First, place vertical strips of double-sided tape at different points of the pot; You can also choose to make glue lines. In this way, when you wind the rope, it will be firm and there will be no problems with it moving.

You must start from the base and go up. A fantastic idea is to wind colored threads in different parts of the rope as you climb.

4. Mirror with rope

This idea is simple to realize and really practical. To carry it out, you first have to glue the glass of a mirror on a cardboard base. You can use hot silicone for this.

Then, go forming a circle in the shape of a  Caraco around it. It is not recommended to use too much glue.

Finally, you have to cut the cardboard when you achieve the diameter you intended with the ropeIf you wish, you can paint the rope with spray paint. In that case, remember to place a paper so as not to stain the mirror.

5. Shelving with pallets and ropes

The pallets are very useful elements when working with wood. In addition, they can help give the house a rustic touch using only a rope and this simple element. It is a technique that is also extremely useful and economical. 

To create a shelf with palletsyou will first have to disassemble them and cut boards of different lengths. These will officiate shelves later. Of course, be very careful in this one and ask for help if you don’t have mastery of the tools you are going to use.

The next step is to drill the corners and pass a rope through the boards you want to use.The fair amount is usually 3 or 4 so that they retain stability. You should also place hooks or eyelets on the ceiling These should match the length of the holes in the boards.

Finally, pass two ropes right in the middle of the eyebolts. Tie a knot to prevent them from coming out and then place the boards at the same height on each side. Again, secure it with a knot at the bottom.

As you have seen, giving your home a rustic touch using only one rope is possible and cheap. In addition, you will find a very relaxing activity if you like crafts.

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